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Strange Box Found at Beyond Workshop

As many of you may know, Doug Shire and I have been hard at work for the past few years realizing our dream to bring a Meow Wolf-like interactive art space to Ithaca. Since we started this website in 2020 we've come a long way toward that goal. We've built multiple temporary art installations, including bringing illuminated art to the annual Ithaca Winter Light Festival, bringing large art to multiple regional Burning Man events (including most recently the Love Burn in Florida), and installing a hugely successful immersive artspace on the Ithaca Commons last summer that we called the Art Lounge. Over 10,000 people visited our Art Lounge during the three months it was open. We are unstoppable!

Furthermore, about a year ago we purchased a property in Dryden, NY for the purpose of building and storing large art. The property has a large workshop and a 1500 square foot residence where we have been housing interning artists. One issue we are having with this property is that the increasing rainstorms are causing a drainage problem. We are digging a large ditch by the workshop to help drain off water. Yesterday, while digging in that ditch, I came across a mysterious metal box. The box contained a strange electrical-mechanical device along with some children's toys, some scientific papers and a couple of diaries. And stuck in one of the diaries I found a very strange photo—I'm not sure how this is even possible—it's a photo of me holding the photo itself! I've been reading through the papers that were in the box and I'll transcribe them and post them here.

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