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Meet the Artists


Doug 'Nataraj' Shire is a co-lead artist of the BEYOND Collective, and an Ithaca, NY based mixed media artist creating large scale works for municipal public art experiences, festivals, and private events.  His work often incorporates delightful interactive, immersive lighting elements.  An iconic work, co-created with Laurence Clarkberg, is 'Sparky the Unicorn' which has traveled to Burning Man and many other regional and national festivals, to great acclaim.  Sparky is a rideable giant puppet; mobile sculptural works are a specialty.  Doug is delighted at the reception for the BEYOND interactive installation in Ithaca and looks forward to developing a permanent interactive art space in the Ithaca, NY region.  Equally, Doug is over the moon about the extraordinary, multidisciplinary team of creatives who have come together to make the BEYOND exhibit possible.

DJ Nataraj Cropped Square.jpg


Laurence Clarkberg enjoys working with steel, pixels, electrons, people, ideas and most recently polystyrene foam boards cut with a hot knife to resemble large iconic clouds. He is a semi-professional artistic catalyst, often working silently and stealthily in the background to help Beyond artists realize their creative potential.He is generous to a fault with his time, money and tools and so the Goddess does favor him, and speaks to you through his hands, to remind you of important things that you may have forgotten.



Angelina Blasich is Chief Ridiculator and Co-founder of Purposefully Ridiculous ( , a joy-centered public access art project that creates spaces for shared silliness and creativity. A self proclaimed Ambassador of the Divine Absurd, she is on a life long mission to foster freedom and encourage empowering expression. Along with professional ridiculation, Angelina holds an LMSW, teaches for the Social Work and Human Development programs at Binghamton University, and operates a medical day program in Johnson City, NY. She has over 25 years experience as a performance and visual artist, educator, public speaker, and workshop facilitator. In 2019, Angelina delivered a TEDx talk, “Ridiculous on Purpose”, in Provincetown, MA, encouraging the purposeful use of Ridiculation for mental health and community wellness.

Angelina's contribution to BEYOND is a needle felted community tapestry. Inspired by her Therapeutic Needle Felting and Organizational Tapestry work, this project is a colorful choice to be present, engaged, and creatively productive.



Duncan and Kristen began their art journey in Austin, Texas as part of the regional burning man community. Duncan first got a taste at Burning Flipside in 2016 when he built Rainbow Rocket that burned with the effigy, and he has been hooked ever since. Duncan and Kristen have built many large combustible art projects, including the Temple of Reflection at Freezerburn 2019, The Forge of Hephaestus at Flipside 2019, and the Blind Tiger speakeasy at Burning Man 2018, but within the last few years began expanding their art medium from dimensional lumber and deckmates to include fiberglass and resin. They are excited to share their first mutant vehicle, Bad Juju, with Beyond Time and the Ithaca art community. Kristen and Duncan own a magical forest / lumber mill / work space in Newfield and live in downtown Ithaca with their daughter Ashe.

You can see all their art at



Myztico Campo aka Tico Chango is a self taught multi-discipline Visionary Shamanic Artist, born in Cuba and raised in Hells Kitchen/Times Square. His paintings are collected on an international level, he is a UV Canvas/BodyPainter performance artist whom can be seen live at festivals across the east coast of the U.S, at many different clubs/venues and private gatherings. (to find out more go to: .



Instagram: Myztico_Campo

YouTube: WildChildAlienFilms

tico BM 16_edited.jpg


K.Kilkuskie has a background in [theatrical] costuming and embodies a “make it happen,” crafty, upcycled style. One weekend she stuffed a car full of fabric and bits in Queens, NYC and journeyed to Ithaca to make wearable pieces and provide support for the BEYOND vision.

Instagram: @akilkuskiekid 



Born in Kazakhstan, Victor moved to the US in 2000.
He now lives and works with his supportive family in Ecovillage of Ithaca, New York.
A marketing innovator in the stretch fabric ceiling industry, he collaborates with leading manufacturers, installers, and artists worldwide. One can find AWAKE’s large-scale works on the walls and ceilings of museums, hotels, restaurants, stores, and other commercial and residential venues.
Victor’s inspiration comes from his community and connection with all forms of art: installations, music, dance, theatre, festivals. One of his many talents is finding his way of expressing himself through collaborative work.


victor-sm- IMG_2683.png


Norm Scott is a video editor, sound designer, turntablist, maker, documentarian, modular synthesist, and dad.  He enjoys building soundmaking devices, and self-deprecating humor.  In February of 1996, he was awarded the Employee of the Month Award at McDonalds.

Instagram:  @normscott

Norm Scott.jpeg


Every interaction we have creates an impression. Each of these connections are personal, natural and weave their way through the experiential structure of our lives.  Our experiences inform our interplay with the world around us, and sit at the core of our personal ethics. 


I currently focus on the creation of interactive, transformative portals.  These sacred spaces include Altar sculptures, paper fiber mobiles, ceramics, projected video, original photographs, upcycled drapery and objects. Stimulating the meridian responds with sound, video, textures and set-design allows for the greatest breadth of experiences to occur.  Refocusing art on the viewer's interactivity makes every interaction individual and amounts to the highest change. It is my belief that by building these installations, that I can bring a sense of wonderment and connection that will last in all who participate.  


Elizabeth Sciore-Jones was born in Ithaca, NY,  has an M.F.A. from Indiana University, BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and is an ordained Reverend Priestess.  She lives between Ithaca and the south west. Her current focus is on creating a link between visionary art, grounded spirituality and interactivity.  

Connect on Instagram : @COSMICLUME & @VENUS_CULT 

or on her website www.VENUSCULT.ART



Phoebe Shalloway is a game developer, writer, and projection artist based in Ithaca, New York. They are interested in media that is messy, weird, interdisciplinary, and experimental. Their project Even in Arcadia, on display in the BEYOND space, is a speculative narrative game that explores the relationship between humans and nature under capitalism.



twitter: @girl_debord



Satre Stuelke MD, MFA lives in Ithaca, New York, USA. He is super excited to be a part of the Beyond Art Collective! He loves making interactive sculpture, and has most recently been concentrating on drawing using a computer and a special robot that puts his pens to paper. His work has been sold through Sotheby's ArtLink and featured throughout the world from art galleries in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, to major institutions including the USA's National Institutes of Health. Stuelke has appeared on NBC's Today Show, and had his work featured in Gizmodo, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, ABC News, and many others. Stuelke has a unique background straddling Art and Science. After getting his Master of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he worked for many years as an artist and taught at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. He later went on to earn an MD from Cornell University, and completed fellowship training at Johns Hopkins.



Judy Swann is a poet, essayist, ecstatic dancer, and bicycle commuter in gorgeous Ithaca, NY. Her book of poetry, Fool (Kelsay Books) was released in December, 2018. Her book of essays on the cartoon superhero Stickman (John Young) appeared in 2019. She has recently rewritten Boethius’  Consolation of Philosophy as a feminist utopia. Check her out at

Judy is the mother of the Tree of Transformation space in the Journey BEYOND Time exhibition.



Damaris Vazquez is a fine art nude photographer, videographer, artist, writer, director, and Queen Squee. The UV Hand Painted photo canvases in the show here at Beyond are the beginnings of her realizing a Blacklight Tarot Deck. If you pick a "card" from the art present here, and contact her, she will respond to you in the "oracular vernacular" and reveal some insight to you. Also a healer, reiki master, and Licensed Massage Therapist, Damaris is a spirit dancer who sends and receives messages thru images and art . Damaris (dah'mah'reese) works as a blacklight body painter, psychomagician, and videographer, this year, she was in the NY Psychedelic Film Fest with video art with her original spoken word.

IG: @damaris_vazquez_photography
Facebook: Damaris Vazquez



Annemarie Zwack is a visual artist specializing in engaging communities in creating self determinative public art. 


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