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Journey BEYOND Time

Take a leap of imagination into the ancient past and far future of the Finger Lakes Region. Travel to places where time no longer has meaning. Enter the Professor’s Time Blender and partake of its fantastical and precisely calculated magic, leading you to question who you are, where you are, and even when you are.

Is it safe? Is it family-friendly, educational and informative? No doubt. But Journey Beyond Time is also an awe-inspiring, interactive, and immersive art experience that you won’t forget, no matter how far in time you journey to Be Now Here.

Inspired by the success of interactive art spaces around the country, this immersive installation gives guests an opportunity to play and engage in multi-sensory ways, and contribute to community-made creations during their visit! Featuring more than 20 contributing artists from all backgrounds, this interactive exhibit will be open to the public by donation. Awaken the artist in you with BEYOND!

This project was made possible, in part, with funding from The Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County.


Participating artists include Lead Artists Doug Shire and Laurence Clarkberg, and Aala Al-Hashimi, Mara Alpert, Duncan Anderson, Kristen Anderson, Angelina Blasich, Tony Bond, Lost Cat, Tico Chango, Allen Cosgrove, Gwendelyn Daniels, John Fuchs, Lily Gershon, Karl Gesslein, Caleb Harrington, Michael Heath, Savan Karamardian-DeSouza, Kaylyn Kilkuskie, Wendy Marvel, Cameron Nelson, Seth Palmer, Vickie Jo Patro, Joshua Pisano, Cai Quirk, Elsa Quirk, Charity Rae, Victor Rakovich, Mark Rosen, Elizabeth Sciore-Jones, Lincoln DeVita Scott, Norm Scott, Phoebe Shalloway, Satre Stuelke, Judy Swann, Damaris Vázquez, Scarlett Vinson, John Walsh, William Weaver,Theo Whitley, and Annemarie Zwack.  Read more about our artists!

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 2.11.09 PM.png

Check out our 3D virtual walkthrough, constructed from hundreds of photographs by collective member Mike Heath.

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